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Nattokinase is a protease that was first discovered in the fermented soybean cheese known as natto. This cheese has been a staple of the Japanese diet for over a thousand years. Today it is popular as a traditional therapy to support a healthy cardiovascular system. Modern research initiated by Dr. Hirouki Sumi identified the active principle in natto to be a protease produced by the fermenting organism, Bacillus natto. They named the enzyme nattokinase and began using it therapeutically in Japan. Unfortunately, the FDA has not allowed this enzyme for use in dietary supplements.

Nattozimes is formulated to provide a blend of proteases which have been shown to break down standard fibrin substrates in a manner similar to nattokinase. In vitro research has shown that the proteases used in Nattozimes possess fibrinolytic activity. Nattozimes proteases support healthy protein metabolism, both within the digestive tract and systemically.

Those who suffer from serious illness, are taking prescription or over the counter medications, or a pregnant/nursing should consult their health care provider before taking supplements containing this proteolytic system.

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