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Natural Astaxanthin oil|Natural Astaxanthin_Xi'an Rainbow Bio-Tech Co., Ltd

Natural Astaxanthin oil|Natural Astaxanthin

Name:Natural Astaxanthin oil Appearance:Dark red grease-like, soluble in base oil, edible oil, alcohol, ether, dimethylsulfoxide, chloroform and the like. Insoluble in water. Formula :C40H52O4 CAS NO.472-61-7 Specification:5% 10% Major Quality Index: Description:natural astaxanthin is fat oil pluvialis algae powder by supercritical CO2 extraction or consumption of alcohol, adding safflower oil and other edible blended oil-like substance, is completely natural. Natural astaxanthin due to its special structure, is by far the most powerful antioxidants found in the natural world, known as "super-VE". Mainly used in high-end cosmetics, health food field, the antioxidant activity far exceed the available antioxidants. In cosmetics, the food industry will be fully replace natural vitamin E and Q10 β- carotene and other antioxidants. Its antioxidant activity is equivalent t 1000 times the natural VE β- carotene 10 times Grape seed 17 times 200 times lutein 150 times the anthocyanins OPC Coenzyme Q10 60 times Natural source of astaxanthin algal extract has been People's Republic of China Ministry of Health Article 17 of the new announcement as food resources, so do not limit ease of use.

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