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With its exceptionally high biodiversity per square kilometer, Ecuador is one of the seventeen megadiverse countries in the world. It is a real paradise on earth that houses uncountable fauna and flora. The Amazon, the Pacific Ocean and the climate of the Andes all influence the Ecuadorian climate. That is why the weather conditions tend to shift from region to region. The perfect environment for vast Trinitario cocoa plantations can be found in the coastal and central provinces of Guayas, Manabí, Los Rios and Esmeralda. Those provinces provide the perfect Ecuadorian cocoa beans with their characteristic fine flavor.


Ecuadorian cocoa beans are known to have a very fine flavor and a broad bouquet defined by a high cocoa content. They evoke an earthy undertone in the mouth, followed by delicious impressions of cinnamon and various tropical fruits. While Ecuador only produces about 4% of the world's cocoa harvest, it is responsible for more than 70% of the world's production of fine upper class cocoa, Edel. 

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