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AAC :: Natural Essential Oils/Aroma Molecules

Natural Essential Oils/Aroma Molecules

Natural Essential oils are derived from plant, bark, roots, etc. of an herb by different distillation processes. These oils have a wide application in flavour, fragrance, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries. Natural Oils are still considered as one of the niche products in these industries which gives a unique identity to each products either it be any fragrance formulation, flavour formulation or medicinal applications. Cosmetic industry still considers use of natural essential oils in its products understanding its herbal and medicinal use on living beings. Aroma Chemicals are the products that are obtained from Essential Oils or are produced synthetically. These are the constituents that are at its purest form which are either obtained by fractionation of essential oils or by changing the chemical structure of a molecule. Aromatic & Allied Products offer a wide range of Natural Essential Oils & Natural Aroma Chemicals with an increase in its range of products year on year by support of its R&D Team and vast agricultural experience to develop new products.

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