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Caltron is the manufacturer of a specially designed product for cosmetic Industry under the brand name “Aqua-Sil”. This granular looking snow white natural salt is used as a scrubbing agent in face wash and body scrub. Unlike other types of scrubbing agent, our product “Aqua-Sil” gets easily suspended in the mixture and owing to its high whiteness, it can be mixed with any formulation.

Aqua-Sil is a natural salt derived from marine. This product is further beneficiated and purified into snow-white free flowing granules which is ideal for preparing a scrub based formula. Aqua-Sil is natural and so is safe for the skin. It gives a good scrubbing experience thereby cleaning up most of the skin pores. Caltron's “Aqua-Sil” scrub granules are available in the unique size which gives good scrubbing results. We have developed this product indigenously considering the demands of the cosmetic Industries. We are already catering to huge names in the Cosmetic Industry. We maintain our quality as per the International standards. The particle sizes distribution can be monitored as per the demands of the customer. 

Aqua-Sil is prepared from marine salt which is imported from the best and cleanest oceans in the world. This is a revolutionary product in the world of cosmetics, and we take pride in offering this product to our most prestigious customers.

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