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Shaanxi Guanjie Technology Co., Ltd.

Nature Citrus Aurantium Extract

Product: 4%- 99% Nature Citrus Aurantium Extract Brief Introduction Synephrine is the main "active" compound found in the fruit of a plant called Citrus aurantium. The fruit is also known as zhi shi (in traditional Chinese medicine), and as green orange, sour orange and bitter orange in other parts of the world. Synephrine is chemically very similar to the ephedrine and pseudo-ephedrine found in many OTC cold/allergy medications and in a number of weight loss and energy supplements which contain Ma Huang. Detailed Product Description 1. Product name: Citrus Aurantium Extract 2. Active ingredient: Synephrine 3. Botanical source: Citrus aurantium L. 4. Biogenic origin: 5. CAS NO.: 94-07-5 6. Specification: 4%- 99% Synephrine 7. Molecular formula: HOC6H4CH(CH2NHCH3)OH 8. Molecular Weight: 167.21 9. Characters: Brown - white powder 10. Solubility: Insol in water and petr ether. Sol in methanol,alcohol, 11. Usage: Commonly used for weight loss

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