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Patent Process Steps Continue to be Followed – NATURALOE Costa Rica


The NATURMANAN® process uses no heat (no cooking), thus preserving the full spectrum of Complex Carbohydrate which includes the true Acemannan. USAN’s define Acemannan as: Acemannan is a highly acetylated, polydispersed, linear mannan obtained from the mucilage of Aloe barbadensis, Miller (aloe vera). Molecular weight is 1-2 million daltons. Acemannan has shown to be the most important active components in Aloe Vera. NATURMANAN® extracts are supported by years of publications and research in clinical studies that give it the right to label it in the US with DSHEA claims: DSHEA Claims “Immune stimulating formula” “Supports immune system function” “Helps support gastrointestinal function” “Supports digestive function” “Aids in digestion” “Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level”

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