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Stepan Lipid Nutrition | NEOBEE®

NEOBEE® - Backed by multiple clinical studies and commercially available for more than 60 years.

Stepan Lipid Nutrition’s NEOBEE® Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are derived by esterifying mixtures of C:8 and C:10 fatty acids (which are fractionated from coconut or palm kernel oils) with glycerol. They are specially processed to achieve superior oxidative stability and then further refined to remove residual fatty acids, resulting in a product with essentially no odor or flavor.

Stepan Lipid Nutrition’s patented technology safely and effectively removes MCPDs from NEOBEE® products. Only NEOBEE® MCTs are treated by this process, providing customers safe and cost effective MCTs for their formulations.

  • Patented purification process
  • Plant sourced; suitable for vegetarian diet
  • Available as RSPO Mass Balance Certified

The unique metabolic and functional properties of NEOBEE® MCTs, a consequence of their chemical structure, make them versatile ingredients in numerous pharmaceutical, flavor, infant formula, functional and food applications.

The nutritional benefits associated with the rapid metabolism of NEOBEE® MCTs makes NEOBEE® MCTs useful in meal replacement systems as well as sports nutrition and weight management products. NEOBEE® MCTs’ tendency to increase satiety and promote fat burning makes them well-suited for use in reduced calorie foods.

NEOBEE® MCTs are ideal components in a wide variety of food applications because they:

  • Are an energy source alternative to glucose;
  • Do not interfere with complex flavor profiles;
  • Contain no trans fatty acids;
  • Are not derived from GMOs;
  • Are Kosher and Halal certified* (*except NEOBEE® 70%); and
  • Are useful in functional applications, e.g. as beverage clouding agent.
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