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NERVANIL is a balanced complex of nutritional substances and extracts, a 100% natural powerful antioxidant that can prevent damage caused by oxidative stress in the central and peripheral nervous system with an activity specifically directed to assist the good functioning of the central and peripheral nervous tissue, providing protective and reparative processes that counteract painful and inflammatory conditions. The nervonic acid contained in NERVANIL can help the regeneration of the myelin layer and the general improvement of the brain functions. NERVANIL can counteract pain and inflammation and may be useful for the treatment of debilitating conditions and degenerative diseases.

Acetyl L-Carnitine: a useful adjunct in all cases of deficiency, acting at central and peripheral levels, an aid in the treatment of inflammatory and mechanical nerve injuries, seems to be able to protect the nervous system from oxidative damage. Delays aging, stimulates antioxidant activity of some enzymes, enhances the effect of branched – chain amino acids activity.
Alpha Lipoic acid: appears to be highly efficient antioxidant that helps the regeneration of cells. There is an evidence showing that lipoic acid prevents damage caused by oxidative stress in the central and peripheral nervous system. It enhances the glucose utilization and energy production, increases the neurotransmitters synthesis.
Nervonic acid: a monounsaturated Omega 9 fatty acid of marine origin – improves the function of the immune system, useful in the regeneration of the myelin sheath (myelin is a substance, covering the parts of nerve cells which conduct information). An excellent alternative to the adjuvant treatment the parts of nerve cells which conduct information).
Blackberry: exerts a protective action related to the peripheral venous, favoring the microcirculation by normalizing the strength and elasticity of the vessel walls themselves. Helps decreasing blood sugar level, defends the vessels’ walls, and prevents from visual disturbance.
Vitamin B 6 & B 12: metabolic cofactors for most human enzymes; needed for nerve cells normal function, useful in the prevention and repair of tissue damage. Vitamin B12: is essential for nerve cells normal function.
Selenium: defends the immune system by preventing the formation of free radicals that damage healthy tissues.

Zinc: essential mineral. It is related to the absorption and action of vitamins, especially B complex.

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