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Neumentix™ Phenolic Complex K110-42 for Cognitive & Physical Performance Support

Neumentix is a water-extracted, naturally-sourced nootropic that is derived from a patented line of spearmint bred for high polyphenols, specifically rosmarinic acid, which has demonstrated brain benefits. Consumers are getting a nutritional solution that is plant-based and free of organic solvents. Furthermore, the nootropic benefits from a recent Neumentix clinical study were sustained over a long period of time – improved attention and reactive agility were observed at 30 days and were still present at 90 days. Rather than a typical stimulant that may have side effects or decreased effectiveness over time, Neumentix keeps on working each and every day you take it.

Neumentix has three intervention studies as well as preclinical, mechanism of action, safety and plant characterization studies supporting its positioning as a cognitive performance ingredient.14-17 Together these clinicals support cognitive performance claims such as, improves working memory, improves short term memory, supports sustained attention and focus as well as supports physical agility and choice reaction performance with continued use when taken as recommended. 


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