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Online IR Industrial Moisture Sensors | Sensortech Systems


NIR-6000 The NIR-6000 Series of moisture analyzers are a Moisture Measurement and Control System designed for the continuous monitoring of your product using Near Infrared Reflectance (IR) technology. Its rugged design provides accurate, real-time and non-contact measurements in the most demanding manufacturing environments. Its dynamic technology engineered for durability and precision measurement is suitable for most industrial applications. The IR Series joins its precision measurement with Sensortech’s Industrial Grade signature. Premium Moisture Analyzer Sensortech is unique in its ability to deliver dependable performance through its advanced IR technology, leading edge manufacturing processes, comprehensive testing and quality control standards. A thorough emphasis on durability had been placed on the IR Series during its development in order to bring Sensortech’s high standard of performance to industrial applications. NIR-6000 Performance Innovative Optical Design The IR Series optical design provides a foundation of measurement stability and reliabiliy. High precision tolerances of machined parts and alignment of optical components enusure optimal performance. Single-Point, Dual-Purpose Detector The long established Quadrabeam Principle combines the measurement light path and the direct (prime) light path onto a single detector eliminating variations due to aging and operating temperature more effectively than expansive matched dual det

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