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Organic goods are by definition non-GMO but when developing foods and beverages for the natural food market, your project may call for non-GMO ingredients that are not necessarily certified organic. We are proud to offer the choice. Most of Agrana's line of functional, corn and potato-derived ingredients are available in both organic and non-GMO versions.

  • STARKINA: non-GMO potato starch 
  • Non-GMO soy oil 
  • Non-GMO sunflower oil 
  • Non-GMO canola oil 
  • GIRALEC: Non-GMO sunflower fluid lecithin 
  • FRUITOSE: Non-GMO crystalline fructose 
  • MAISITA: Non-GMO corn starch 
  • AGENAMALT: Non-GMO maltodextrin 
  • AGENAJEL: Non-GMO pre-gelatinized stabilized corn starch 
  • AGENABON: Non-GMO F50 fructose-glucose syrup 
  • AGENABON: Non-GMO glucose syrup 
  • AGENABON: Non-GMO glucose syrup solids 
  • DEXTRODYN: Non-GMO dextrose monohydrate powder
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