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Non-GMO Certification - FoodChain ID Certification

Non-GMO Certification

Genetically modified (GM) foods have raised concern amongst consumers regarding the impact on the environment as well as human and animal health. As a result, many countries require mandatory labelling of foods containing GM ingredients (inputs) where the percentage exceeds a certain threshold. To meet consumer demands for transparency and support companies in sourcing non-GMO materials, FoodChain ID Certification launched its Non-GMO Certification Program and Non-GMO Trademark (product seal) in 1999 to easily identify non-GMO products in the marketplace. This standard was previously known as the “Cert ID Non-GMO Certification.” The FoodChain ID Non-GMO Global Standard is recognized within the industry as the benchmark for a non-GMO production system as it applies a quality management system approach to identity preservation. The Standard utilizes risk-based decision-making to build a strong certification program tailored to an organization’s needs. Key components of the program include risk assessments, traceability, and sampling/testing to verify compliance; the program is assessed annually against Standard requirements by FoodChain ID Certification. The Standard is applicable to organizations involved in the cultivation, production, processing, storage, distribution, logistics, and/or trade of non-GMO products. Product certification may be requested for raw materials, derivatives, additives, processing aids, and finished products, including livestock and animal feed.

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