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Socius – Nu-Mega


Nu-Mega Driphorm® powders utilize CSIRO’s MicroMax technology under exclusive license to microencapsulate nutritional oils. The patented technology allows up to a 60% oil payload with superior odor and taste masking. This technology can deliver up to 38% DHA + EPA. Microencapsulation · Tuna, Fish, Algal & Fungal Oils · Protection Against Oxidation · Superior Sensory Stability Nutrition Bars · Driphorm® D-60 · 300 mg DHA + EPA per serving · Excellent texture and flavor stability over shelf life RTM Protein Powders · Driphorm® D-60 · 300 mg of DHA + EPA per serving · Driphorm powders are shelf stable at ambient temperatures Nu-Mega – Benefits of DHA DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) is a long chain Omega-3 fatty acid predominantly found in oily fish and algal oil. Studies show that it plays a vital role in: Pregnant Mothers • Visual development and brain growth of unborn babies • Increasing parent-rated sleep and reducing the risk of skin & respiratory allergic diseases Children • Brain development and cognitive functioning • Developmental and maintenance role in visual acuity Athletes • Reduced heart rate and O2 demand during exercise • Reduced muscle soreness, faster exercise recovery, improved cognitive function Elderly • Helps manage heart and brain disorders in elderly population • Studies on the brain and heart for elderly people have also shown that an increase in Omega-3 fatty acids can have a positive effect on memory functions and the cardiovascular system.

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