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As the Nutraceutical Industry continues to expand, flavor innovation is a key to success. Our Research and Development Team at Gold Coast Ingredients takes pleasure in experimenting with flavors in protein beverages, supplements, nutrition bars, energy drinks, vitamins and more. We can combine your ideas with our creativity and knowledge of flavors and colors. Together we can utilize masking agents, sweetness enhancers and sensation intensifiers to further create the finest products.

With our capabilities, our R&D team transforms complex food dishes and dessert ideas into liquid or powdered flavors. Substituting a standard chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavored product with flavors such as chocolate devil’s food cake, peanut butter cookie ice cream, or strawberry white chocolate stroopwafel is one of the numerous opportunities you find here at Gold Coast Ingredients.

In addition to flavors and colors, Gold Coast Ingredients develops custom taste and appearance modifiers, as well as sensation intensifiers to compliment various applications.

Taste Modifiers
Mask bitterness, sourness and other undesirable tastes, enhance sweetness or keep bakery products tasting fresh out of the oven with GCI’s Keep Fresh

Appearance Modifiers
Add opacity or foaming to alter appearance

Sensation Intensifiers
Excite consumer sensations by adding warming, cooling or tingling effects to your product

All taste, appearance and sensation ingredients can be customized
and formulated into any Gold Coast flavors and colors
ie. Vanilla Flavor with Vegetable Protein Masking
Mojito Flavor with Cooling Enhancer

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