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Nutraceutical Ingredients

What are Nutraceutical Ingredients?

The term "nutraceutical" combines the words "nutrition" and "pharmaceutical." Nutraceutical products are foods meant to provide medical benefits. They contain ingredients that enhance the product's nutritional value. Types of nutraceutical items include:

  • Dietary supplements: Many people take a nutraceutical every day. Dietary supplements such as multivitamins and botanicals have an isolated form of a nutrient found in food. The consumer takes them as a pill or liquid.
  • Functional foods and beverages: Foods with nutrients added through processing or fermentation are functional foods. The food industry adds nutrients to numerous products on the market.
  • Medical foods: Patients with severe malnutrition or the inability to eat regular food need medical food. Medical food contains concentrated nutrients that the doctor administers through a feeding tube.

Brenntag offers nutraceutical ingredients such as:

  • Aquarius® Coating Systems
  • Povidone
  • Copovidone
  • Crospovidone

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