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Octacosanol|Policosanol|High-Carbon Aliphatic Alcohol|Rice Bran Wax|Sugarcane Wax|Triacontanol|Refined Rice Bran Wax Lime Soap|Rice Bran Wax Lime Soap--Huzhou Nanxun Shengtao Botanical Co., Ltd.


Policosanol(Octacosanol) Physiological Function Octacosanol is a kind of world-recognized antifatigue substance, extracted from the natural vegetable, rice bran wax and sugar cane wax. The result of study carried by Doctor T.K. Cureton in University of Illinois showed that its main functions are: (1) to strengthen stamina, vigour and physical strength; (2) to improve the reactive sensitivity; (3) to improve the stress strength; (4) to promote function of sex hormone, ease the pain of muscle; (5) to improve the function of cardiac muscle, (6) to reduce cholesterol, blood fat and systolic pressure; (7) to improve the organism metabolism. Quality Index Appearance : white powder Molecular Weight : 410.5 Structural Formula : Molecular Formula : CH3(CH2)27OH Solubility : insoluble in water, soluble in the aliphatic and aromatic compound at 70-80℃ Melting Point : 80-83ºC Fatty acid(mgkOH/g) : < 1.5 Content : 5-90%(GC)(complete specification) Total alcohol content : ≥ 98% Heavy Metal : ≤10mg/kg Pb ≤ 3mg/kg As ≤1.5mg/kg Microbe test : total bacteria ≤1000cfu/g Colibacillus ≤ Negative/10g Ash : ≤0.4% Moisture and volatile substance : ≤0.5%

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