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Naturetech has built the OEM system whereby we produce 'Dietary Supplements' and 'functional cosmetics' according to the needs of customers, and the ODM system whereby we provide services of all processes ranging from product planning to product development, production, quality control and shipment, based on our technological capabilities and know-hows.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturing

Method of manufacturing products made by client's needs and deliver with their own brand.

1. Proposal(Planning)

  • Marketing Analysis and Demand Analysis 
  • Trend Analysis
  • Providing Distributing Information

2. Product Development

  • Quality / Production Research
  • Preference / Preservation Test
  • Packaging Review
  • Transportation Test

3. Production Testing

  • Finished Standards / Product Standards
  • Progress Test Standards / Half-Finished Goods Standards
  • Packaging Material IPQC

4. OEM/ODM Agreement

  • Agreement
  • Business Registration
  • Purchase Orders

5. Production

  • Manufacturing instructions
  • Product Standards

6. Pilot Test

  • Product Standards

7. Product Standards

  • Official Test
  • In House Test
  • Sampling Storing

8. Shipment

  • Product Production Report
  • Manufacturing instructions / COA


ODM - Original Development & Design Manufacturing 

If OEM method is manufacturing and supplying notion, ODM method is using our own developed technology and know-how as the background of our total marketing system from market examination to product planning, development, quality management, shipping, until PL corresponding

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