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Oleactiv - caridovascular health

Oleactiv® I Cardiovascular health

The typical Mediterranean diet, characterized by the regular consumption of high intakes of fruit, vegetables, and olive oil, is recognized by the World Health Organization for its health benefits. Polyphenols are considered to be the most abundant bioactive compounds with antioxidant properties in the Mediterranean diet. Olive oil polyphenols have been demonstrated to improve health in various clinical investigations.


Oleactiv® delivers an authentic and synergistic polyphenol fingerprint from beneficial Mediterranean fruit and vegetables*. Fytexia developed Oleactiv® as an enhanced Mediterranean olive-based concentrate. The potency of olive polyphenols in Oleactiv® is exceeded through a combination with complementary antioxidant polyphenols from selected fruit.

Polyphenols from the proprietary formulation of Oleactiv® help to maintain a healthy blood lipid profile based on protective actions of olive polyphenols on cardiovascular risk factors*.



To evaluate the protective effect of Oleactiv® on blood lipid parameters and aortic lipid deposits — the early feature of atherosclerosis — the first animal interventional study was conducted in 2012.

  • In collaboration with the laboratory “Nutrition and Metabolism”, University of Montpellier, France.
  • 3 groups:
  • ND (normal cholesterol diet),
  • HF (high-fat & high-cholesterol atherogenic diet),
  • HF + Oleactiv® (high-fat & high-cholesterol atherogenic diet + Oleactiv®).
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