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omega 3 powder


NovoOmega® Omega-3 Powders are made using a patented process in the USA to increase EPA, DHA, and ALA content levels.

Types of NovoOmega® Omega-3 Powders

  • Omega-3 A-10 (Algae Origin  |  10% DHA  |  Dispersible)
  • Omega-3 A-32 (Algae Origin  | 32% DHA)
  • Omega-3 F-30 (Fish Origin  |  30% EPA + DHA)
  • Omega-3 P-50 (Flaxseed Origin  | 50% ALA)

Cutting-Edge Research

The patent process results from Novotech Nutraceuticals cutting-edge research, which makes both the Omega-3 fatty acids and Calcium mineral more stable, while decreasing oxidation and minimizing both smell and taste. The dual nutrition complex can easily be used in a variety of applications including tablets, capsules, beverages, food and much more! 


Why NovoOmega® Omega-3 Powders?

  1. U.S. Patented GRAS Powder
  2. Non-Microencapsulated: No Carriers or Solvents
  3. Improved Bioavailability and Stability
  4. Made from either 100% Fish Oil or 100% Plant 
  5. Carbohydrate or Protein Free
  6. No Refrigeration Needed
  7. Longer Shelf Life Compared with other Brands
  8. No Offensive Odor or Taste
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