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Huatai Biopharm Inc.- Omega-3 Fish oil


What's Omega-3H Omega-3H is the Trade Mark of Huatai 's ultra-pure and highly concentrated omega-3 EPA/DHA fatty acids, the 3H means High quality, High purity and High Value. High Quality Huatai dedicates to combined it's unique purification technologies with state-of-the-art facilities, reliable source of crude oil and US cGMP, HACCP approved Q/A system to produce it's Omega-3H branded ultra-pure and higly concentrted omega-3 fatty acids. Huatai process the oil in mild way with extra care to protect oil from exposure, improper heating and high temperature, for example, Huatai improved the short-path distillation plant to make it conduct under highest vacuum condition to get the lowest evaporation temperature, the oil flows from step to step absolutely in airtight pipe or under vacuum condition., some process steps are protected by nitrogen. The expertise with mild process in production guarantee the lowest oxidation limits as following. Test Unit EP USP GOED Omega-3H Acid value mgKoH/g <2.0 <2.0 <3.0 <1.0 (0.5, ultra) Peroxide value meq/kg <10 <10 <5 <3 (2, ultra) Anisidine value <20 <15 <20 <15 (5, ultra) TOTOX NA NA <26 <20 (9, ultra) High Purity Huatai believes that safety and reliability are essential in securing long-term health benefits for consumers.

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