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OmniActive Health Technologies Inc. | Omnixan

OmniXan 3R,3’R zeaxanthin

OmniXan 3R,3’R zeaxanthin is from paprika – a natural whole-food, GRAS source – grown and extracted in the USA through a vertically integrated supply chain, giving eye health formulas a natural advantage.

OmniXan RR-zeaxanthin from paprika – the natural advantage.

3R, 3’R zeaxanthin is one of the three principle carotenoids in the eye and supports eye health and visual function as a potent antioxidant and protector of lipid membranes against singlet oxygen and free radicals. RR-zeaxanthin works synergistically with the other macular carotenoids to absorb a broader spectrum of high-energy blue light to protect against photo-induced oxidative damage.

Optimize your eye health formulation and differentiate yourself in the growing eye health supplement category with OmniXan 3R, 3’R zeaxanthin from paprika.

  • Made from a natural whole‐food, GRAS source
  • Grown and extracted in the USA through a vertically integrated supply chain
  • Available in various delivery forms including beadlets and oil suspensions for greater formulating flexibility
  • Provides manufactures the option of adding premium RR‐zeaxanthin to their existing or new eye health formulations
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