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OptiNOs is scientifically formulated to naturally increase muscle building, endurance, and energy! Our mTOR signaling technology increases the body’s adaptive response and enable higher protein synthesis.

Muscle Building

OptiNOs is clinically proven to increase lean muscle mass through 3 processes: 1.) Boosting protein synthesis which increases the body’s readily available protein. 2.) Allowing faster skeletal muscle development and repair, enabling muscle building and recovery quickly after a workout. 3.) Tripling lean muscle mass development naturally via mTOR pathway signaling technology.

Endurance & Recovery

During clinical testing, subjects taking OptiNOs increased their repetitions 6 times
more than that of the placebo group. More so, OptiNOs proved to decrease the
concentration of lactate buildup in muscle tissues, enabling faster recovery time.


OptiNOs increases the amount of free energy in muscle tissues, allowing for
longer and more successful workouts. Additionally, this powerful formula
stabilizes the mitochondrial membrane when under oxidative stress,
producing a higher amount of ATP per mitochondria.

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