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Organic Almond Vanilla Flavor Extract

Why decide between the flavors of almonds and vanilla when you can have both in one outrageous flavor? Nature's Flavors found a way to mix the taste of smooth vanilla with the flavor of nutty almonds to create our Organic Almond Vanilla Flavor Extract, a vegan, kosher, and gluten-free product.

Vanilla doesn't seem so vanilla when it's mixed with the flavor of almonds. So smooth, so rich, so nutty, you'll find countless ways to use this tasty product. Vanilla bean flavor never tasted so good with Nature's Flavors Organic Almond Vanilla Flavor Extract. Looking to bake a cake, pie, tart, or a batch of cookies? Or how about flavoring a soda or other tasty beverage? No matter what you choose to do with this great flavor, know that you are adding the purest, most tasty products made with real, organic fruit and vegetable matter. And if you enjoy this delicious flavor, then be sure to try the others in our line of organic products. At Nature's Flavors, we use only real whole ingredients to ensure that what you are adding to your recipes and applications is not only delicious, but healthy, too.

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