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Organic & Clean Label Antimicrobials

Organic & Clean Label Antimicrobials


The active compounds of MicroGARD™ products are natural metabolites produced by fermenting selected food grade cultures on dairy- and/or sugar-based ingredients. With this line of products, we can supply you with the protective solutions and technology you require to produce, fresh, natural and clean label foods.

MicroGARD™ products are effective against Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria and/or yeasts and molds. The key benefit of using MicroGARD™ fermentates is shelf-life extension or maintenance by preventing growth of undesirable microorganisms.



BioVia™ is a natural, label friendly food protection solution that is specially designed to enhance the quality of a wide variety of shelf-stable and refrigerated products. It contains a special blend of active components such as cultured dextrose and plant extracts, which make it highly effective against difficult-to-control fungal spoilage organisms such as mold and yeast. BioVia™ is superior in quality and efficacy to traditional chemical preservatives such as potassium sorbate.



Natamax® is the trade name for the commercial extract of the antimycotic agent, natamycin, manufactured by Danisco. A natural preservative, Natamax® is used to control spoilage due to yeast and mold growth in a variety of foods and beverages.



The active compound of Nisaplin® products is nisin, a natural bacteriocin produced by the fermentation of lactococcus lactis, a bacterium strain that occurs naturally in milk.

Nisaplin® is effective against a broad range of gram-positive bacteria, including Listeria, Clostridium, Bacillus and lactic bacteria. This results in either killing or growth inhibitory activity against vegetative cells by targeting the cytoplasmic membrane, or prevention of the outgrowth of heat-resistant spores.



NovaGARD® is a food safety and preservation solution that combines and optimizes the known synergies between antimicrobials to control the growth of microorganisms in foods - especially gram-positive pathogens.



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