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Organic Cloves | Ground & Whole | Indonesia

Organic Cloves

CLOVE INFORMATION PRODUCTS PACKAGING Cloves are native to Indonesia and we are fortunate to have been involved with producing the fragrant bud from early on. They require a warm humid climate, preferring an ocean view, for which Indonesia is ideal. Some of our farmers can trace the ancestry of their trees back to varieties that were spread across the island nation by the Dutch. They are the strongest of the aromatic spices and one of the reasons Indonesia is known as The Spice Islands. Cloves are one of the spices that prompted the colonization of Indonesia and the European Age of Exploration. To this day, Indonesia is the largest consumer and producer of cloves. Over 90% of the heady spice consumed within the country. With local knowledge, we harness the sweet and spicy notes of the flower into the evergreen bud. We offer a range of all natural clove products including whole, ground, spray dried, and extract. Our cloves are certified Fair for Life and also comply with our internal ethical and sustainable agricultural standard, NFC. Coves are rich in manganese and known for their antiseptic properties. They are also associated with warming and soothing qualities derived from their eugenol content. Cloves are used in a variety of sweet and savory applications. Find them in traditional holiday dishes, mulled wine, sausages, soups, teas, baked goods, meat, and broths.

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