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Organic Date Syrup

Made with 100% Deglete Noor dates from the deep Sahara of Algeria, date syrup is naturally sweet with a rich and smooth taste. It is the best alternative sweetener.


  1. Naturally sweet with a rich, smooth taste 
  2. Viscious natural dark brown color
  3. Typical date flavor
  4. Medium sweet
  5. No artificial ingredients
  6. 100% pure natural fruits(Dates)

​Applications: 70° Brix: Food industry, energy applications

Functionalities: Sweetener, Flavoring and color altering

Suggested uses:

  1. Beverages: Juice, smoothies
  2. Dairies: Ice cream, Yogurt
  3. Honey substitute
  4. Baking

Packing information:20kg box- in bag/ 207kg in drums

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