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Organic Germanium, Germanium Sesquioxide Main Page

Organic Germanium, Germanium Sesquioxide

Dietary Benefit Germanium sesquioxide helps support the body’s natural immune defenses [1,2,3,13]. Germanium helps maintain the body’s natural production of gamma interferon and natural killer cells [2,4,12]. Studies indicate that Germanium exhibits antioxidant potential [5-7]. Dosage Depending on the targeted benefit, reported therapeutic dosages range from 100 mg to 7 grams daily [2,8,9]. Reportedly, oral administration appears to provide the best protection [10] Product Overview The synthesis of germanium sesquioxide was first published by Mironov, a Russian scientist, in 1967 [11]. Japanese scientists reported the same compound in respected literature seven years later [1]. However, Asai Institute in Japan was the first to capitalize on the biological activity by marketing it as a true organic germanium compound. For this reason, Asai is often mistakenly attributed with having discovered germanium sesquioxide.

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