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Organic Ginger | Ground & Cut | Extract Powder | Paste

Organic Ginger

GINGER INFORMATION PRODUCTS PACKAGING It's true that Indonesian ginger is not the least expensive in the world, but everything good comes with a price. Compare our ginger to that produced in other countries and you will immediately understand where the extra cost comes from. Indonesia provides the ideal climate for ginger growth as these aromatic rhizomes crave warmth and humidity. Our Elephant Ginger not only has an unmistakably consistent flavor, but is ethically and sustainably produced. Ginger is traditionally used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Ginger products are commonly consumed to help settle upset stomachs. Widely used in Asian and Indian cuisine, it is often considered one of the more versatile of the spices in its culinary application. Use ginger in its pickled, fresh, candied, or dry forms. We even offer a delicious ginger paste that can be applied to a wide variety of recipes.

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