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Organic Goji Berries

Modern pharmacologyand clinical research shows that Ningxia Goji berry is rich in 18 kinds ofamino acids, 32 trace elements and major elements, 6 kinds of long-chainessential fatty acids, 7 kinds of vitamins, carotenoids and Gojipolyssaccharide, it found in the goji berry has been testified to be a powerful secret agogue. Through the scientists on the study of Goji and practice that theGoji with enhanced immune function and immune regulation, obvious function ofpromoting blood, have hypolipidemic, anti-fatty liver role of anti-tumor, Anti-agingeffects. It mainly presented as inhibit free radicals, protecting DNA, enhanceimmunity, maintaining heart health, protection of the pancreas and liver, eyeprotection, and so on.

Qixiangchun DriedGoji Berries are produced with extra care. The product has the superiorfeatures of high quality, plump fruit, brilliant red color and sweet flavor, isa genuine all-natural fruit, that retains the integrity of the Goji berry toenrich the nutritional content, can be directly consumed.

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