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Ortiva® Rice

Hill Pharma, Inc.’s Ortiva® Organic and Natural Rice Proteins area perfect plant based alternative to animal and dairy based proteins. It provides a premium source of quality bioactive amino acids for supplements, functional foods, and beverages. Rice protein is considered to be one of the finest quality vegetarian proteins available.

Ortiva® Rice Protein is gluten free and hypoallergenic. Best of all its digestibility is equal to whey protein. Ortiva® has a low flavor profile and is easily incorporated into a wide range of formulations.

Research states that rice protein matches the effectiveness of whey protein for muscle growth, muscle mass, and exercise recovery. Ortiva® Rice Protein is a vegan, cholesterol, & lactose free alternative to animal proteins like egg and dairy; it is 80% protein rich in branched chain amino acids & low in carbohydrates per serving; it produces peptides that delay the secretion of ghrelin in the stomach helping to suppress appetite and increase satiation; and rice protein meets the essential amino acid requirements for adults according to the World Health Organization.

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