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Oryz-O-Lait Whole Grain Rice Milk | Axiom Foods


A unique allergen-friendly, whole grain dairy alternative ingredient, Oryz-O-Lait™ rice “dairy alternative” is produced since 2008 from brown rice. Axiom’s proprietary, all-natural production processes make Oryz-O-Lait available in powder form. It contains essentially all the protein, oils, vitamins, fiber, and carbohydrates found in whole, unpolished brown rice. Oryz-O-Lait starts with Whole Grain Brown Rice. During the chemical-free process, the starch portion of whole rice is treated with natural enzymes. This produces a balanced blend of glucose, maltose and complex carbohydrates, which delivers a steady supply of energy. When blended with Oryzatein® Brown Rice Protein, it boasts similar nutritional benefits to dairy alternative.