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Other Ingredients

Newgen Biotech® USA Inc. is a global supplier of marine micro organism sourced ingredients for the Cosmetic, Dietary Supplement, Food & Beverage, & Personal Care etc. industries.  We offer a wide range of specialty ingredients from fermentation processes & specialty cultivation for many industries as well. All products are processed in our GMP facility near Ningbo China and select products are warehoused in and distributed from Farmers Branch (Dallas), Texas USA.

Our marine micro organism sourced ingredients as well as fermentation processed products have many industrial applications.  We offer unique environmentally safe solutions for Oil drilling for improved extraction of oil (replacing Xanthan Gum) and also for soil & waste industry, reduction to elimination of heavy metals.  Also, we have a nice range of products for the Feed industry and are now expanding in to the Beverage industry in Brewing, Juice, Tea (Kombucha) and Wine industry with excellent final product improvement capabilities. 

In southern China we also boast of one of the largest specialty cultivation areas where fruit is grown & processed in our plants to round out our line of powdered fruit and enzymes.

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