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Our plants

Cabot, VT

  • Cabot's original home founded in 1919. 
  • 250 Vermonters employed to make, cut, wrap and distribute Cabot products.
  • Milk from Vermont and a few New Hampshire farms expertly crafted by cheese makers with collectively over 150 years experience into Specialty VT Cheddars, Flavored and Light Cheeses and Cultured products as well as Greek-Style Yogurt, Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream.
  • Valuable whey proteins are saved and shipped daily to the Middlebury plant.
  • Our 8 oz. cheddar cheese line runs six times faster than the chocolate line featured in the classic "I Love Lucy" sit-com.
  • Our trucks can boast 99.9% accuracy for shipments going all over the country in collaboration with several local and regional haulers of milk and product.
  • Our Visitors Center and Tour is a popular destination for neighbors & travelers with over 10 types of cheese sampled.

Chateaugay, NY

  • Home to America's second oldest cheese company in continuous operation, McCadam Cheese.
  • Almost 100 New Yorkers are employed to make New York Cheddar, Muenster, and a variety of other cheeses crafted from the milk of neighboring upstate NY farms including some of the region's growing Amish communities.
  • The Farm & Country store represents one of the few places in the region where farmers can get cheese and supplies and neighbors can catch-up on the business of agriculture.

Middlebury, VT

  • Almost 120 Vermonters make cheddar every day of the week in three shifts from neighboring farms' milk.
  • Much of Cabot's inventory is stored on site here.
  • Middlebury concentrates all the whey liquids from this plant and Cabot in order to make the best whey proteins available anywhere.
  • Whey proteins make their way to every continent in the world.

West Springfield, MA

  • Over 70 Massachusetts team members collaborate daily to produce skim milk, butter, nonfat dry milk powder, condensed milk, condensed butter milk, cream and cream-milk blends.
  • Milk from the entire region is 'balanced' here to make sure there is a profitable home for ALL farmers' milk – not just the farmers of Agri-Mark.
  • Milk can be separated into valuable powder and skim milk used by every dairy manufacturer in the region.


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