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Natto MK-7™ (Vitamin K2)

Natto MK-7™ is Vitamin K2 MK-7, also known as Menaquinone-7. MK-7 is a highly bioavailable extract of “natto” which is a traditional Asian soy-food dish. The Vitamin K2 form of MK-7 is absorbed better than the Vitamin K1 form, which is more commonly found in other food products. 

Natto MK-7™ functions in the carboxylation and binding of calcium to specific bone proteins. Research shows that MK-7 regulars calcium in the arteries as well. Thus, Natto MK-7™ ultimately supports both circulatory and skeletal health at the same time. 

Vesta in producing Natto MK-7™ using an advanced CO2 traction process. This supercritical extract process uses high pressure and low temperatures for environmentally friendly manufacturing. This process also preserves the original active properties without any solvent while also producing a concentrated and pure extract for the most bioactive form MK-7. 

Advanced CO2 Extraction Process

  • Supercritical (CO2) extraction with high pressure and low temperature, for an environmentally friendly manufacturing process
  • Preserves the original active properties without any solvents for the most bioactive compound
  • Produces a concentrated and pure extract that is very stable and highly bioavailable

Natto MK-7™ Features

  • All-natural produced MK-7 results in high-yield, high-quality, highly-bioavailable, and highly-effective finished product
  • Natto MK-7™ helps to regulate calcium levels in bone and arteries
  • Vitamin K2 MK-7 has the highest bioavailable and bioactivity of all Vitamin K vitamers
  • Supports both circulatory and skeletal health
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