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Weihai Baihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd._Contract Manufacturing


The company has set up a large packing plant, which can provide various types of finished product packaging.

  1. Bulk Packaging: the company can provide standard export carton, paper barrel and plastic bag, aluminum foil bag, pallet.
  2. Bottling: PE, PET, HDPE bottles etc. In various sizes are available according to the customer’s requirement.
  3. granules packaging, 1g/bag, 2g/bag, 3g/bag, 5g/bag
  4. Blistering, 10 pcs per blister, 12 pcs per blister, 15 pcs per blister, 20 pcs per blister
  5. Aluminum foil bag packaging, according to the customer’s requirement.
  6. Special packaging of cosmetics
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