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Palm weevil larvae

Palm weevil larvae We have developed novel technology that modifies off-the-shelf components to optimize farming yield. This empowers rural farmers in developing countries to raise insects while creating a viable revenue stream. Early on we travelled to Southern Thailand where there is medium scale farming of the palm weevil larva (rhynchophorus ferrugineus). Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer, Gabriel Mott, along with Dr. Mark Hoddle from UC Riverside, learned the basics of palm weevil larva farming from Thai farmers. Then, Aspire brought the farming technology to Ghana, where palm weevil larva had previously only been harvested from the wild. Using Aspire's precision-farming principles we have adapted the Thai farming techniques to the local African species (rhynchophorus phoenicis), reducing the cost and increasing the supply of palm weevil larva. Through efficient farming the safety concerns of harvesting from the wild are largely mitigated.

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