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PerfLoad - Sports Nutrition - Heavier Performance

PerfLoad® I Sports Performance

PerfLoad® specifically addresses the needs of sportsmen to provide explosive peak power and increase total anaerobic work capacity during high-intensity exercise, while limiting the deleterious effects generated by intense anaerobic training.


Based on a synergy of grape, pomegranate and green tea extracts, PerfLoad helps reaching higher peak level of performance and develop higher muscle strength.


The efficacy of PerfLoad® has been proven with a first clinical study run by the Research center for high performance sports of the University of Murcia in Spain and involving 15 subjects described as recreationally active at the beginning of the study. The protocol was a double-blind, randomized, cross over study run against placebo.


In an acute Wingate test performed 1 hour after the first consumption of PerfLoad®, PerfLoad® confirms its impact on peak power and metabolic protection:

  • Peak power and total anaerobic power are significantly higher without any increase of the muscle fatigue
  • Pulse pressure variation remains in the limits of a healthy range
  • Pool of antioxidant is preserved to ensure protection of the red blood cells from the damage of the oxidative stress generated by the work-out.


Sportsmen using PerfLoad® did develop more strength while limiting the impact on their metabolism and without generating more fatigue.


PerfLoad® is available at a dosage of 1g/day to be formulated into dry or instant powder formulas.

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