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Personal Care Packaging - ZACROS America | Zacros America

Personal Care Packaging

Personal Care From conditioner to detergent to motor oil, flexible packaging can make your product stand out on the shelf. ZACROS offers many choices in functionality and design—Size, shape, barrier properties, closures, spouts, printing, and more are customizable to meet your exact needs. FLOWPACK FLOWPACK Already popular in Japan for refill products, FLOWPACK is a self-standing flexible pouch that is perfect for single-use liquid applications such hand soap refills or hair treatments. Product flow is secured through via an integrated spout, offering convenience and ease-of-use. Additionally, less material than rigid bottles makes for less environmental strain, and lighter weight translates into logistical savings. PL Pouch PL Pouch With a pour guide molded into the corner, this single-use pouch offers convenience and ease-of-use in an economical format. Perfect for foods and refill applications. Cosmetics Pouch Cosmetics Pouch This innovative pouch is perfect for liquid cosmetics such as lipgloss, mascara, and concealer. In a sector dominated by tubes, this pouch not only stands out on the shelves, but also immediately communicates value to the consumer: the ability to use the contents to the last drop. Cosmetics Packaging Cosmetics Packaging From attractive printing to specialized inner films that protect the potency of your products, ZACROS offers tailored options for your cosmetics packaging needs. Eye-catching graphics with easy-open features adds

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