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Petfood - ingrédients pour l'alimentation des animaux domestiques

Pet food

The sales teams are responsive to you and proactive in supporting you in your research and choice of natural ingredients and raw materials that are beneficial for petfood. Natural marine ingredients are indeed part of the new Petfood trends.

NUWEN seaweeds are known for their many beneficial effects on animal health and well-being. Seaweeds strengthen the immune system, have an anti-inflammatory action, correct trace elements deficiencies, have antioxidant properties and improve mouth-dental hygiene and glossiness of hair.


NUWEN proposes brown (Ascopharm, Algovert, Sea Spaghetti), red (Calseapowder, Dulse and Lichen) and green (Sea lettuce) macro-algae. Rich in fiber, pigments, oligosaccharides, minerals and trace elements, macro-algae are an excellent natural response to the needs of animal well-being.


NUWEN select micro-algae for you (spirulina and chlorella) known for their natural energy resources. Micro-algae have a positive effect on the animal’s physiology and provide vitamins minerals and bioavailable trace elements. These algae enhance the skin’s health and glossiness of the coat.

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