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Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging - Zacros America | Zacros America

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

harmaceutical and Medical Packaging ZACROS prides itself on consistently delivering safe and reliable packaging products to the pharmaceutical and medical fields. We support the medical community by working with our customers to advance medical technology through innovative packaging solutions, providing value and benefits to society as a whole. Solution Bags “Solution Bags” for Pharmaceuticals Typically used for premixed drugs, these bags were developed to reduce the incidence of hospital-acquired infections, medical mistakes, and contamination that can occur with other packaging. Using various films, we can extend shelf life product, add barriers against light, moisture, and oxygen, and impart low-adsorbing and non-eluting properties to our bags. Using varying-strength sealing technology, they are also available in an easy-peel, dual chamber version. NI Film NI-Film If you think glass is the only option, think again! Short for “non-interacting film,” NI-Film is low-odor and non-adsorbing, making it perfect for sensitive medications that cannot afford to lose active ingredients to adsorption. A convenient solution to breakage and glass delamination, our NI-Film Σ is FDA approved. Medical Tool Packaging Medical Tool Packaging- Meddic In the interest of contamination control, disposable medical tools are becoming more commonplace. We provide hygienic, reliable, and easy-to-use packaging for these tools to protect their sterility and safety. Filmbyna Release

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