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Pharmaceutical Applications of Ethyl Alcohols | Alcohol | Markets

Pharmaceutical Applications of Ethyl Alcohols

pharmaceutical GPC’s ethyl alcohol products are sold worldwide for use in pharmaceutical and drug applications demanding the highest degree of purity. You must have complete confidence in your ethanol supplier to produce life prolonging and life saving drugs. We are registered with the FDA and have a Drug Master File in place. In fact, our pure 190 and anhydrous alcohol has been submitted for use in a variety of pharmaceutical applications. You know the scrutiny required in that audit process, and you can depend on us to maintain those standards over time. Our process is reqularly audited and we share the results of those audits with all our existing and future customers. GPC has knowledgeable experts, both domestic and foreign, including our sales team, customer service professionals and our innovation group who are ready to assist you with application and regulatory issues. Give us the chance to prove our merit in your ethanol purchasing decisions. Pharmaceutical applications include: Blood fractionation/plasma Chemical intermediates Tableting Powders Antibiotics

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