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Pharmaceutical Tooling

PHARMACEUTICAL TOOLING Pharmaceutical Tooling Photo Gallery Cursor Over Photo to Enlarge Our experience through the years (in numerous applications from pharmaceutical tooling to industrial tooling) has shown us that quality tablet compression tooling and tablet dies can't be produced without the use of quality raw materials, manufactured to strict specifications. For example, we exclusively use electric furnace-produced steel, vacuum-melted in 100,000 pound heat-lots to aerospace specifications for uniformity and cleanliness. All tablet dies and pharmaceutical tooling is formed from high-nickel, high-chrome shock steel that must meet Elizabeth's strict requirements before being considered. Keeping abreast of today's latest equipment, techniques and processes is no easy task. Not only do we invest continuously in new technology; employees are constantly undergoing training and honing of their skills. We take genuine pride in the work we do and the equipment we use. Matching the finest machinists with the finest machinery makes for an unbeatable combination. And the Production R&D Department redesigns and modifies machinery to further improve and speed production.

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