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Phytabolites - Nutritional Supplements


Lefiber - For Normalizing bowel movement and enriching gut flora Contains 86% of fiber made up of 1:1 proportion of insoluble and soluble dietary fiber. One sachet of 4g provides 3.3g of dietary fiber one of the ingredients is dietary fiber derived from Green Leafy Vegetables. Recommended to take one sachet spoonful with each major meal to reduce the risk of recurrence of constipation. For normalizing bowel movements avoiding constipation by formation of soft and bulky stools. Enriching gut flora. There is a luxuriant growth of the beneficial bacteria. Restoration of dietary fiber level with optimum proportion of insoluble and soluble fiber to 25 gram per day of fiber mix for adults and for children = (age in years + 5) g per day, promotes healthy weight management . Role of fiber derived from DGLV: Nitrogen in fiber gets released to help proliferation of friendly bacteria that provide 80% bulk to the stools; Fiber of DGLV is rich in lignin which irreversibly binds / sequestrates cholesterol and, the cholesterol, instead of getting reabsorbed in digestive tract to return to the blood stream as usual, gets permanently eliminated out of body with feces. High fiber diet helps in giving feeling of satiety and over eating is controlled. Improves control on blood sugar level by slowing down the rate of liberation of glucose in the digestive tract and also by slowing down subsequent absorption of the same, Three times in a day with three major meals until intended clinical effect is achieved; thereafter it may be reduced to two times a day or once with breakfast. Consume by making a drink by adding water or as an after-mint after taking food is over.

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