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Feel the Difference with AMA Laboratories 3D Printing & PolyChrommetrix®!

Bringing the effects of your products into the next dimension with our novel PolyChrommetrix® 3D printing system it is possible to develop a fully tactile sensory experience via 3D replication of individual before and after treatment sites.

AMA Labs offers a wide variety of 3D content-to-print solutions. Using a professional 4-channel CMYK full-color printer (600 x 540 dpi). It is capable of color and high quality prints to dramatically communicate study results and/or design intent. The Printer has multiple print heads to provide the best range of accurate and consistent colors as well as monochrome printing and everything in between. Printing at the rate of 1.1”/hr (28mm/hr), it can achieve in hours what other printers need days for.

  • The printer is capable of printing down to 0.004 inches (0.1 mm) and as thin as 0.004 inches (0.1 mm).
  • Based on baseball-sized geometry, 36 prototypes can be built simultaneously per build cycle.
  • Net build volume (xyz) 10 x 15 x 8 inches (254 x 381 x 203 mm)
  • Build times will vary based on size, quantity and complexity of the design.

Data file formats:

  • STL
  • VRML
  • PLY
  • 3DS
  • FBX
  • ZPR3D

Data Capture:

  • Utilizing different forms of data capture, we are capable of delivering client specific needs.
  • Multi-camera array options are available.
  • 3D Scanner data. The scanner captures geometry, color and texture. The light source is a blue LED. The scanner captures color at 24 bpp (bits per pixel), which to the human eye is considered to be “true color” (millions of colors). This produces the best and highest quality 3D image.
  • CAD (computer aided design). Using the latest software technologies, we can create, communicate, design, prototype real parts directly from digital input to demonstrate customer needs.
  • 3D printing allows for on-demand custom parts and prototypes at a lower cost
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