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Pomanox™ is a natural extract obtained from fresh pomegranate (Punica granatum) grown in Spain, which maintains all its natural properties and whose manufacture, in the absence of organic solvents, synthetic chemicals or radiation, is protected under patent.

Active principle

Pomanox™ is a unique combination of polyphenols from fresh pomegranate, which act synergistically, where PUNICALAGINS α and β notably stand out. These are potent natural antioxidants. In addition to punicalagins-α and punicalagins-ß, other polyphenolic components characteristic of fresh fruit, that have been identified and quantified in Pomanox™ include: granatin B, isomers 1 and 2, pedunculagine, ellagic acid, galloglucose, punicalin, ellagic acid glucoside , ellagic acid rhamnoside, among other derivatives of ellagic and gallic acids, and anthocyanins such as delphinidine 3, 5-diglucoside, cyanidin 3, 5-diglucoside, delphinidine, 3-glucoside, cyanidin 3-glucoside and pelargonidine 3-glucoside.

Safety and quality

In the field of food safety, we have the certifications UNE EN ISO 22000, and to a higher level the FSSC 22000, for the production of Pomanox™. Comprehensive control plan guaranteeing compliance with legal levels of potential contaminants: pesticides, heavy metals, HPA’s, piperidine alkaloids such as peletierin, isopeletierin, n-methylpeletierin and pseudopeletierin etc … Claims: Free from organic solvents, from GMO’s, from allergens, BSE, non-irradiated, etc. Pomanox™ is also available with ecological certification.


Numerous studies in both animals and human volunteers have demonstrated the efficacy of Pomanox™ in various health benefits, including cardiovascular health, inflammation, sports, hair health and digestive health.

Solubility And Bioavailability

Soluble in water and high in punicalagins with a high bioavailability.


Pomanox™ is a natural ingredient that offers exceptional nutritional and cosmetic properties. It is fully adaptable to customer requirements (particle size, dispersibility, flowability…) based on the final application.


Inclusion in food supplements, foods, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Optimal dose of 265 to 750 mg/day depending on the application.