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NewPharma GNTIK Laboratory Inc. has a variety of industrial-strength blenders for different batch sizes and blending needs. Our powder blending facility has the capacity to produce batches as small as 10kg and up to 1,300kg batches.

The various ingredients for supplements are carefully blended in a temperature and humidity-monitored area. We ensure that your blend is uniform in color and nutrient distribution, so that each tablet or capsule has a consistent taste and mouth-feel.

The mixing process is recorded on a detailed Production Order, based on a unique Master Formula, so that precise measurements can be replicated every time. Our GMP-trained production staff carefully follows the Production Order, to determine exactly how long to mix the ingredients and in what order to add each element, so that a consistent product emerges repeatedly.


We are recognized for our expertise in the development and production of supplement powders. Our technicians always take care to thoroughly and evenly blend the ingredients into a consistent mixture. And it is worth noting that our NSF GMP facility can produce up to 20,000kg of powdered supplements per day.


Powdered foods are one of the hardest natural health products to develop because they need to have a pleasant taste and mouth-feel, otherwise people won’t take them. Our team of experienced research and development scientists will work with you to create a great-tasting powder that easily mixes with liquids, for your customers’ enjoyment and satisfaction.


To manufacture a consistently high-quality powder supplement, we follow a structured set of quality assurance and quality control procedures. A strict adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures that all raw materials are tested before use. All powders are produced by GMP-trained staff.


Many of our clients choose to deliver their supplements in powdered format because:

  • Powdered supplements provide a larger dose than capsules or tablets
  • Powders do not need to be disintegrated and are easily absorbed
  • Powders require less processing
  • Consumers find powders easier to take than capsules or tablets
  • Consumers can easily vary the dosage based on their specific needs

Once produced, powders can be packaged into bottles or gusset bags. They can also be individually packaged in small pouches or stick packs.


  • Whey proteins
  • Plant proteins
  • Sports nutrition
  • Weight loss aids
  • Seeds & whole food powders
  • Greens powders
  • Herbal blends
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