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Powders - CAPABILITIES - Zhejiang Nutrasis Biotech Co.,Ltd.


Powder formulae aren’t simply unfinished versions of supplements. We understand that many other factors go into making a powder formula to ensure proper mixing, consistency and flavor. Powder formulae can offer you greater flexibility with dosing and can be mixed into shakes, juices, or liquids. Nutrasis will fulfill all your powder solution needs for fitness or drink products to ensure that your powder formula is nutritious and tasty. Nutrasis has a variety of stick sizes (1.5 g to 10 g) and bottle sizes (300 / 400 / 500 g) for you to choose from to get your formula done right. Nutrasis is experienced in making prowder products and is equipped with advanced equipments to fulfill your requirements on taste, smell, appearance, color, dissolution, purity / impurity and stability.

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