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Preservation of Acemannan

Our Process Removes the Acemannan from the Presence of the Enzymes

When Aloe Vera leaf is cut during harvest, the cutting action causes the plant to release defensive enzymes to protect itself from injury. These naturally occurring enzymes called mannanases are endogenic of the plant leaves. The enzyme mannanases immediately begin to destroy the Acemannan which is the active ingredient in Aloe Vera.

The unique process used to make NATURMANAN® separates the Acemannan from the presence of the enzymes within very short time from harvest assuring the highest concentration of real Acemannan.

What matters is, how a company separates the Acemannan from the presence of degradative enzymes (mannanases). While traditional processors use Diatomaceous Earth, Activated Charcoal, Heat, or adding even more Foreign Enzymes to the aloe, NATURALOE unique process uses pure ethanol from sugar cane, in a cold process.

Our Difference

NATURALOE’s unique technology uses a “cold process” that immediately stabilizes the active properties of aloe.

In addition to separating the Acemannan from the presence of degradative enzymes, our process also eliminates both, bacteria and any remaining traces of anthraquinones (aloin), using a super chilled ethanol bath.

In this cold bath, the stabilized Acemannan, is separated from water, ethanol, and the naturally occurring degradative enzymes (mannanases), which are then removed by centrifugation and freeze drying.

Absolutely no additional enzymes, toxic solvents, or chemicals are ever used.

Because NATURALOE uses this patent process we preserve the real Acemannan, plus other precious natural components of the Aloe Vera.

Our manufacturing process allows our Acemannan content to become even greater than what is available in fresh Aloe Vera, making it easy to take an effective amount of Acemannan when consuming NATURMANAN®.

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