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Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2

Our Flagship probiotic strain, Bacillus coagulans Unique IS-2 is a well-characterized and shelf-stable probiotic that stays in tune with the ever changing demands of consumers in the ingredient market.

Owing to its diverse health benefits, it has been added as an unparalleled ingredient in the dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages by the manufacturers all over the world. To us, ensuring the health of our consumers precedes over any other considerations. So, our Unique IS-2 has been put to several clinical trials before putting it to consumer market. In addition, its behaviour during passage in the human GI tract has been studied in the SHIME® technology platform, Prodigest, Belgium. It is ‘the toughest’ when it comes to stability and ‘safest’ when it comes to creating products using Unique IS-2.

 Application in different foods is not limited to its processing conditions, as it has been proven to withstand wide range of temperatures and remain stable at room temperature for 2 years. It goes well with gummies, chocolates, cookies, chips, protein bars, smoothies and shake mixes, sauces, beverages and we have our own unique combinations with our strain:

  • Blend of 9 selected greens with probiotics
  • Vitamin D3 with probiotics
  • Probiotic gummies     
  • Curcumin with probiotics as an anti-inflammatory support

*Helps treat digestive disorders* *Helps ramp up the immune system function* *Helps treat IBS symptoms in children and adults* *Supports the growth of vaginal microflora* 

Scope of Application: Functional foods, beverages, dietary supplements